Congratulations to Banken Champignons

We warmly congratulate Banken Champignons for being the first company in the Netherlands introducing the healthy Vitamin D Mushrooms.

Many tanks for their progressive and courageous course of action by submitting an Novel Food application, which is a great service to the whole EU mushroom industry! Since July 2018 their approval authorises in the EU now Vitamin D Mushrooms with a vitamin D content up to 20 µg/100 g.

The recommended daily intake published by EFSA of 15 µg/100 g can now be achieved by the consumption of a 100 g protion of fresh Vitamin D button mushrooms, making these mushrooms beside Salmon fish the best vitamin D food source available on the food market!

Luxidum wishs Banken a successfullmarket launch of Vitamin D Mushrooms!

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