Congratulations to Scelta Mushrooms

We warmly congratulate Scelta Mushrooms for their new innovative Vitamin D Mushroom product: Ecopouch® Mushrooms with Vitamin D. The freshly harvested mushrooms are boiled in their own juice. No blanching (which is bad for flavour and nutrients) and definitely nothing else is added: no salt, no other ingredients, no E-numbers, which guarantees an excellent taste and mouthfeel similar to fresh mushrooms! Ecopouch® Vitamin D Mushrooms with a two year ambient shelf life are ready to use right away, making them perfect for adding to pizzas, salads and burgers.
We wish Scelta Mushrooms continued success for the future with their innovative new mushroom product!

Ecopouch® Mushrooms with Vitamin D by Scelta Mushrooms (picture: © Scelta Mushrooms BV)
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