Congratulations to The Greenery, Jarno Goesten and Limax

Since 15th March 2019 Vitamin D Mushrooms are finally available in all Jumbo supermarkets in Netherlands produced by The Greenery, Jarno Goesten Champignons and Limax with Luxidum´s Vitamin D-Boosters.

We wish The Greenery, Jarno Goesten Champignons and Limax continued success for the future with their innovative product of Vitamin D Mushrooms!

Once again we warmly congratulate Pilzland to their progressive step towards a more healthy and sustainable nutrition!

Congratulations: Pilzland / Kaufland passed the test!


The investigation by Stiftung Warentest was:

“Vitamin D-Pilze: Halten diese Champignons, was sie versprechen?”

Vitamin D Mushrooms: Do these mushrooms deliver what they promise?

Stiftung Warentest is a non-profit German consumer organisation which investigates and compares goods and services of different providers on behalf of the state.

Stiftung Warentest determined the vitamin D content of the mushrooms in seven different packs. Main result: The Boosting process works – the average vitamin D content is 9.6 µg/100 g and thus significantly higher than that of normal cultivated mushrooms.

Congratulations to BioPilzland

Once again we warmly congratulate Pilzland to their progressive step towards a more healthy and sustainable nutrition!
BioPilzland is the first company in Europe and probably the first worldwide launching bio / organic Vitamin D Mushrooms named “SONNYS Vitamin D Pilze”. BioPilzland is as part of the company Pilzland Vertriebs GmbH. This novel mushroom product will be presented in February on the BIOFACH 2019, the world’s biggest organic trade fair.

Congratulations to Champignons Swisses and Champidistribution SA

We warmly congratulate to the sscociation of Swiss mushroom producer VSP (Champignos Swisses / Verbands Schweizer Pilzproduzenten)
and to Champidistribution SA for introducing for the first time in Switzerland healthy Vitamin D Mushrooms.

The Vitamin D Mushrooms are sold under the name CHAMPIDOR nationwide and exclusivley at COOP in 150 g punnets with 6 mushrooms since 10th September 2018. The market introduction price was set at 1.97 CHF/100 g (1,72 €/100 g)!

Special acknowledgement from Luxidum to the CHAMPIDOR compaign for the absolute fantastic design and most ecological packaging! wir

Congratulations to Banken Champignons

We warmly congratulate Banken Champignons for being the first company in the Netherlands introducing the healthy Vitamin D Mushrooms.

Many tanks for their progressive and courageous course of action by submitting an Novel Food application, which is a great service to the whole EU mushroom industry! Since July 2018 their approval authorises in the EU now Vitamin D Mushrooms with a vitamin D content up to 20 µg/100 g.

The recommended daily intake published by EFSA of 15 µg/100 g can now be achieved by the consumption of a 100 g protion of fresh Vitamin D button mushrooms, making these mushrooms beside Salmon fish the best vitamin D food source available on the food market!

Luxidum wishs Banken a successfullmarket launch of Vitamin D Mushrooms!

Banken Champignons´s product design of Vitamin D Mushrooms

Congratulations to Pilzland

Since 3rd September 2018 Pilzland launched the first Vitamin D Mushrooms throughout Germany in all Kaufland supermarkets ( The market introduction price was set at 1.99 €/200 g punnet (0.99 €/100 g)!

Our first Vitamin D-Booster (VB04mk) enables Pilzland, Germany´s largest mushroom producer, to underpin its leading position and innovative character on the German mushroom market.

We wish Pilzland continued success for the future.